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I am writing my complaint on L'Oreal Paris haircolouring product.

I have used this product for three years and have been very happy with it until recently. They must have changed their formula as it is now very runny when applied to my hair. It runs down my face and neck making it very messy.

The last time I used it, when I tried to rinse it out after it had set, it turned into gunk that could not be rinsed out even after 15 minutes of trying to rinse it under the shower. I will never buy this hair product again!

Monetary Loss: $13.

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to review 144316 i am responding 2 the problem u had with hair loreal coloring product turning io gunk. i had the same problem but my hair started coming out all in my hands, i couldnt even rinse it out it was in such a hard gunky feeling.

i immediately grabbed the feria conditioner, i squeezed a half tube in my hands and my hair was still all gunking feeling and at the same time clumps of my hair was coming out in the handfulls. finally i had a bottle of garnier hair conditioner by the tub so i grabbed it and put som on my hair and finally i could at least run my fingers through my hair aenough 2 finish getting out the loreal feria hair color all the same time i eas still losin clumps of my hair. now 2 this day i am allmost bald because there was something changed in the color or it was old. i cry every day because i have hardly any hair left and im having 2 wear wigs.

i am a woman and my selfesteem has been taken away from me an i wont go out in public anymore unless i have a wig on.

this has been devasting to me. dont use loreal feria again, if u do your using it at ur own risk .good luck

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