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i bought your L'Orieal Excellents cream and it didn't work i needed to get my hair dyed for a very important and personal reason i went to do it waited the peoper time that it says on package and surprise after my rinse it didn't work it was the worst experiense of my life couldn't believe that this could of happened i always buy your best products but guess i'm going to have to change !!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks alot L'Oreal

Hope you will reimborse my money back or make that i will change my mind on your products!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #733270

Yeah I just used L'Oreal Ferria in violet soft black. My hair was supposed to be a dark purple.

My roots are now pink. E'ffin' PINK!!

And the rest of my hair is still my natural color, brown. So it's gonna be hats for me for the next few weeks...

to Bailzees #1413316

Same experience

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #714796

For some types of hair color you must wet the hair so it is humid

when you put on the mixture.


Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #629916

Same with me, only gave me two shades lighter. I didn't expect such *** quality. :cry


I tried dying my hair with that twice and it didn't work. I also tried garnier and that didn't work either.

I couldn't understand what went wrong because I followed the instructions exactly. Not to mention that I have really long hair, and I don't think that there was even enough of it to color all of my hair. That brand's makeup sucks as well. Everything they make is horrible.

I hope that they improve. :( :cry :sigh


:I :cry my hair has turned from light brown-grey to black I used 6BBcan you help


got the l'oreal paris feria hi lift brown.. didnt even dent it a little after two hours.


I just attempted to dye my hair with L'Oreal & it didn't work at all. So I know what you mean.


I'm sorry, but if you cant even spell simple words correctly I don't think you should be dying your own hair. It's a rather simple process and if it didn't work on you, you most likely did something wrong.

Don't bully the company for a refund because you had a 'bad' experience. Good grief.

to correct spelling is a dying ar #1355847


to correct spelling is a dying ar #1411481

Here product doesn’t worn at all


Without proper training, and access to professional hair coloring products, you shouldn't be coloring your own hair. There is a reason for the staggering price difference between salon prices and a box of at-home haircolor.

By having the product simply not do anything at all, you've found yourself on the lucky side of color mishaps. At least 3 times a week I have clients come in that have tried their hand at color and, on occasion, I have to charge upward of 200 dollars because of the amount of product, time, and number of processes it can take to correct. It's not greed -- I don't see a dime of what I charge as it all goes to the corporation. The reason color services can cost so much boils down to time and the cost of product -- usually a tube of color costs around 7 dollars.

My hourly wage is 9 dollars. If I charge 54.95 for a 2-hour color service, that brings us to a $30 dollar profit for the company.

If you also take into account the cost of shampoo, conditioner and water for the rinse, and electricity for the included blow-out, plus a fraction of the monthly lease, we're down to probably 20 dollars going to the company. And that $20 will eventually end up going back to replace towels and color bowls and brushes that degrade over time.

to Hairstylist #1091700

I have dyed my hair myself and don't just fine.

to Hairstylist Bangor, Maine, United States #1099476

As a stylist, I can and will tell all that there is NOT much difference between box color (high lines) and salon color. Argue all you'd like.

I've been a stylist instructor and am so sick and tired of new grads slamming on at home coloring. The tubes are the same, the developers are the same and the mixing is pre measured. Loreal is a *** product. That's why it didn't work.

I'd suggest Ion color next time ladies and gents. And AT HOME color that actually works. Stop givingin to the mainstream rip offs. I don't care if I lose a client or two because they are bold and brave and decide they'd like to do it themselves instead of paying me.

At least they know the truth. I would just suggest a friend to help so you make sure you don't miss any spots.

to Biddy Marysville, California, United States #1155615

Thank you for the truth!!

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